Company Timeline

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The initial desire to increase battery quality while simultaneously decreasing their costs, was born from experiencing frequent battery failures and replacements in construction machinery. An idea was born.


Dag Arild Valand met with Physicist Dr. Ove Aanensen, an expert in (crystals) the battery field, to present early findings based on experimentation with electric pulses applied to lead-acid batteries.


Based on further experimental testing and a scientific theory, WaveTech A/S was founded in Stavanger, Norway. The initial goals were to understand the underlying scientific mechanisms to how this could work, and to develop a product to demonstrate the results.


WaveTech A/S took its initial steps towards an international market by establishing WaveTech GmbH in Rheinbach, Germany


WaveTech’s core Crystal Control Technology® was born.


Crystal Control Technology® was first applied to the lead acid batteries by means of the BEAT® product.


WaveTech A/S conducted a cross-border-merge with WaveTech GmbH in Germany, where all activities and resources were transferred to the German entity.


WaveTech enters new phase and establishes own research facility in Bulgaria with several new R&D programs, such as CCT for Lithium batteries, battery recovery product, and site management systems.


WaveTech opens new sales offices in the U.S and Turkey, while simultaneously opening a new R&D department in the U.S dedicated to the development of battery related software.


WaveTech GmbH established new parent company WaveTech Group, Inc. to further expand into the U.S. Markets. Additionally, a new product roll-out (proof of concept) to first U.S customer.


WaveTech files two new patents covering new battery materials and a new recovery procedure for batteries. Additionally, Lithium Validation program reveals positive results from CCT application. Existing R&D departments in Bulgaria and the U.S are expanded.