Boris Monahov

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Boris Monahov is the Chief Scientific Officer of WaveTech. He was appointed as CSO in 2018 to oversee and direct battery science research and technology development at the company’s Research and Development Center. Dr. Monahov brings 42 years’ experience to the team with an international career spanning battery science research, technology, manufacturing, and international R&D project management.

Dr. Monahov’s career encompasses several decades of battery scientific studies as Associate Professor alongside Prof. D. Pavlov at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, leading to contributions in the industry and overall advancement of battery technology.

Dr. Monahov is author or co-author of over ninety articles published in international battery journals, and served as a program manager of the Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium under management of the International Lead Association. As Chief Electrochemist of Firefly Energy Inc., he played a role in the development of lead-carbon foam batteries, which saw increased battery performance at reduced weight.

He also currently holds three battery technology patents and was awarded a Gaston Planté Medal for outstanding achievements in lead-acid battery research and technology. He is a member of the Alpha-Beta Society, the global club for prominent lead-acid battery researchers, with only a select few members in the world.

Dr. Monahov holds a degree in theoretical Solid-State Physics from the State University of Sofia, Bulgaria, with specialization in Physical Metal Science. He earned his PhD in Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Power Sources from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.