Finding the solutions they have spent years searching for with WaveTech

Finding the solutions they have spent years searching for with WaveTech 150 150 WaveTech

With several decades of experience in the industry behind them, WaveTech management understands the demands American businesses place on secure, stable and cost-effective energy systems. They have been following technological developments since the 1990s and are now able to present a revolutionary technology to the market.

Although data centers have undergone technological improvements in recent decades, they still have the same massive demand for energy and backup solutions as before. Larger data centers can have battery systems for up to 50,000 units. It goes without saying that monitoring and maintaining this on a 24/7 basis is a huge, laborious and expensive job, while it also presents risks regarding response time, human error and deficient documentation and data. All this has now been solved by WaveTech.

This applies to data centers operated by various large customers or those specifically belonging to the telecoms, banking and finance sectors or, for that matter, those operated as part of the public infrastructure.

WaveTech encounters operators who might have several hundred facilities located in areas of varying accessibility across the United States. Due to the cold, wind and bad weather, it can be complicated and very expensive to get there during parts of the year. These conditions are far from ideal if a generator develops problems or has to be stopped and restarted, or if backup power fails to work.

WaveTech’s solution to the problem is ready to go. Here, we can install technology and equipment that allow monitoring and remote management around the clock, ensuring maximum uptime. If there is still a need for onsite supervision, the frequency of manual operations and visits can in any case be reduced.

For public and private enterprises alike, reliability is of critical importance. WaveTech has strong partnerships with several U.S. states that require monitoring and supervision of their own systems.

This includes Pennsylvania, which, after trying various ways to find a solution to its energy needs, has asked WaveTech to ensure more stable and secure monitoring and delivery.

One option is to automate these services, constantly monitoring the systems and dealing with individual batteries and components that may need particular attention.

WaveTech believes that today’s market views the supervision of energy systems differently than it did just a few years ago.

Many concepts and systems on the market have not delivered on their specifications and promises. Our technology represents the opposite—oversight, control, and security—and is now attracting more and more customers.

In that sense, an important part of WaveTech’s challenge is to enhance the competence of the market and its customers.

The company is in full swing doing exactly that, and more and more operators are seeing that our technology, our products and services are precisely what they have spent years searching for.