Presenting Findings on Improved Battery Production at LABAT’2021.

Presenting Findings on Improved Battery Production at LABAT’2021. 1800 1200 WaveTech

LABAT’2021: 11th International Conference on Lead-Acid Batteries, 8th – 11th June 2021

Since 1989, the Lead-Acid Batteries Department of Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has been organizing a series of triennial conferences on lead-acid batteries, named LABAT. LABAT’2021 virtual technical sessions will once again offer an insight into the latest research achievements and development trends in the field of lead-acid battery manufacture, operation and recycling, as well as an in-depth discussion of the new challenges facing lead-acid batteries, while the virtual exhibition will present a perfect opportunity for companies to showcase new products and services.

WaveTech will present its findings on improved battery production. The presentation is called “Optimized battery formation with Crystal Control Technology of WaveTech” in the plenary lecture of “Challenges for lead batteries and ways for them to continue being the most used electrochemical power source”. Additionally, we will moderate some sessions about “Crystals and active masses in lead batteries”.