Showcasing New Advances in Crystal Control Technology at ELBC Conference

Showcasing New Advances in Crystal Control Technology at ELBC Conference 2560 2047 WaveTech

WaveTech Group, Inc., a U.S. Delaware corporation that specializes in advanced battery technology solutions, is pleased to announce its participation at the ELBC Global Battery Innovation Conference to be held September 16-19, 2024, in Milan, Italy. At the conference WaveTech will showcase their proprietary Crystal Control Technology (CCT) and its successful application to Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries with significant enhancements in battery optimization. This improvement of lithium-ion batteries underscores the technology’s versatility across different battery chemistries.

WaveTech’s Crystal Control Technology (CCT) is proven to substantially enhance the performance and longevity of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. The upcoming presentation will explore how CCT extends LFP battery lifespan, improves energy efficiency, and ensures safe and efficient operation, even in challenging environments. Furthermore, the technology supports sustainability efforts by increasing the potential for second-life applications of these batteries.

The conference marks an important milestone in WaveTech’s ongoing journey to redefine the performance, safety, and economic viability of batteries in various sectors; including energy storage, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and telecommunications. By sharing these findings, WaveTech aims to contribute to the global effort towards more sustainable energy solutions.

New Potentials in Battery Optimization:
Since 2004, the group has methodically advanced breakthrough research with lead-acid batteries. The company’s solutions have been validated and approved by multinational conglomerates in the fields of telecommunications, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and manufacturing.

The group’s core technology is patent-protected and chemistry agnostic, therefore allowing significant growth potential in various battery platforms in worldwide markets.

Over the last four years, WaveTech’s research facility in Sofia, Bulgaria has made substantial progress in CCT application to lithium-ion batteries, a high growth sub-sector of the battery market.

About Crystal Control Technology:
CCT significantly improves battery performance by extending battery life, enhancing capacity, and increasing energy output while ensuring greater stability. These advancements lead to significant cost and energy savings, and result in more efficient and sustainable battery use. At the heart of CCT is its revolutionary approach with specially modulated, low-energy signals. These signals are particularly designed to optimize electrochemical reactions within the battery by enhancing ion mobility and interaction. This unique signal application not only prevents typical degradation, but also boosts the battery’s internal efficiency and strengthens energy management within the cells.